In 1993 the world of UFC fighting was thrust into the limelight with "UFC 1 - The Beginning!". With no time limits and very little in the way of rules ultimate fighting took a giant leap in the western market. Long been a favorite in Japan MMA was now moving mainstream and the viewers loved it.

This event was billed as the answer to the age old question of who would win between different marial art styles, a striker vs a grappler, a wrestler vs a kung fu man. The answer in UFC 1 was Royce Gracie and his families brand of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, it was just too much for the other competitors and Royce established himself as the ultimate MMA fighter of his time.

As the UFC progressed and become even more popular it started to incorporate some sensible guidelines like timed rounds with breaks in between them, restrictions on certain blows/techniques. It was a fine balance to allow true mixed martial arts fighting without hindering the fighters too much yet allowing it to be as safe as possible especially now that it wasn't just martial artists who were flocking to see the UFC fights, the appeal was broadening it was becoming ever more common to see celebrities sitting alongside martial artists in the crowds. UFC fighting was taking off.

UFC President Dana White is a visionary and his ability to capture what people wanted and deliver on those ideas is nothing short of amazing. He truly dragged MMA from the sweaty part time training halls to the professional presence it is today.

The Octagon is where combat takes place and it leaves no place to hide for the competitors. It delivers that primeval environment of winner takes all and just the sight of two men standing across from each other in the octagon lets you know that you are going to witness something different.

Today the fighters of the UFC are true MMA fighters. Although many lean towards their preferable style there is now no room to just be a striker or just be a grappler. It has become less of a battle of styles and more of what it should be; a battle of fighters.

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